Crack pot crack pot
sitting in a chair
Crack pot crack pot
way over there

When a poet reads you have to speak
there you go get up and shriek
who knows what the fuck's your case
bust you with a glass across your face

Come over here, you shut your hole
Your poetry's weak, you're so droll
So sit your ass, and keep it still
When you are here you'd best to chill

Because hospitallization is not your thing
But I bet your skull will surely ring
And who knows what your day will bring
But all the poets will surely sing

Happy oh their day will be
you knocked out they'll surely see
I tell you, I'm not a violent man
But knock you out, I surely can

So enjoy yourself, sit and smile
save yourself such a trial
Be silent child and do not speak
And then we'll see your ass next week

- 2009, Hobobob