Gabriel Ariel Levicky was born in the former Czechoslovakia into the family of Holocaust survivors. After ‘mastering’ the indoctrinated education system, he soon joined the ranks of many skeptics. This ‘protective coat’ allowed him to see a troubled and confused society from the different point of view and as a result, he became involved in a dissident movement Charter 77.

As a young poet, inspired by the American Beat and music, he embarked on his own search and clandestinely published his first book of poetry Neznáma Poézia (The Unknown Poetry, 1977) in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In 1979 he decided to escape the persecution by the omnipresent and omnipotent State Security apparatus and via number of neighboring countries fled to Italy and to the US.
After a brief sting in NYC, he left for California and settled in San Francisco where he ran a series of poetry readings, got involved with a renewed Beat magazine publication Beatitude and published his second book of poetry The Unknown Poetry # 2, directly linking it to his first Slovak publication. He is published in numerous publications nationally and worldwide.

His latest poetry collection B(lack) & W(hite) Wet Paint Poems, encompassing his NY experience, was published and released by Xlibris (available on the Web via: Xlibris, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble).


Born on the tightrope.
I can feel you down there.
Arms cutting through crowd’s awesome: Ah!
Look up!
Your are tiptoeing
Through the night,
Bribing the moon,
Stealing the stars,
Chewing on the dawn,
Sipping the sunrise,
Swallowing the first rays
Wind talks gibberish.
Born on the tightrope
Will walk you back home.
You can find love on the tightrope.
Born on the tightrope.
Feet kissing the air,
Head down,
Heart out.

NYC, March 2002
Gabriel Ariel Levicky