Su Polo is a multitalented artist. A native New Yorker, her writingconveys unusual insights and surprises found in life's everyday events andencounters. She is a singer/songwriter, photographer, painter and sculptor,set designer, computer graphic artist and created her website Her book, Turning Stones, a collection of poems and stories is available atGotham Book Mart, and her work appears numerous times in Caprice Magazine,the Poet to Poet magazine, Medicinal Purposes among others. She is thefounder and co-host of the Saturn Series poetry reading in NYC and is theeditor and publisher of its periodical, Saturn. She is also the host of theArtists' Lounge, an open mike for singer songwriters and musicians @Nightingale Lounge.


We love our friends until they are mistaken about who we are. We love our parents until they try to take back what they gave. We love our jobs until they get in the way of our play. We love our play until it gets in the way of our consumption. We love our consumption until it gets in the way of our comfort. We love our comfort until it is disturbed by war. Perhaps we will fight until it is prevented by love.

© 2004/ 2007 Su Polo Original