Linda Baldanzi is a MFA in Poetry student at Drew University. In the past she has studied poetry at the New School. Her poems have been published in REDIVIDER, BARROW STREET, AND THE WISCONSIN REVIEW. She lives on the Hudson River in NJ.Here is my poem:

Get your Elbows off the Table

Hold me tight, Julia Childs, both arms,
tell me I’m cooking good.

Huge accommodations for
the family vegetarians.

Damn fruit flies.

Prociutto smile wrapped around muck.
Dead animals kicking inside the refrigerator.

Not me, SHE shipped it off to Packingtown.

Looking out the kitchen window
Seeing the neighbor’s dog eating his poop.

A quick shot of scotch.

Strap me on the gurney, cloven hoofed,
small-horned Capra.

Okay, goatsuckers, target practice. Roll me
around the table, faster, faster…

I’ll take seconds on the leg of lamb,
Pass the gravy, please.


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