Michael Hyde is an actor, singer, writer, guitar player, video gamer, geek, and all-around good person. He was born and raised in Missouri, cut his unique chops in Virginia, and now brings his mish-mash of livelihood, truth and sarcasm to bear on the New York scene. Currently, Michael helps to raise money for an artistic non-profit organization in NYC while seeking a better acting paycheck. He has worked in the past as everything from a technical support consultant to a porn salesman. He has loved women and men; lost people close to him; done things he both cherished and loathed. He has lived. He has self-published one chapbook, and has a full-length paperback forthcoming from San Francisco Bay Press. Michael now lives in Queens.

by Michael W. Hyde

Hold me, child.
Hold me sunny,
strange days ahead now.

Brack river underneath my bones,
child, you will be wont to drink it;
resist every temptation.

Hold the weak now,
hold steadfast a soldier's mask
a deity's substance
hold fast now, child.

Coming miles up now and we forgave him naught.
Hold the line, child
Help me heal
wounds bandaged dirty
by the sun now

Hold the heals, child.
Hold me as you're breaking apart now
you're crazy if you want to make crazy
Hold the heals now.

Mend cracks in the skin
hold it together, child.
bleed the sun dry tomorrow

Hold tight now,
it's the sudden dancing macabre bodies underneath it all.
Secrets of secrets.
Hold me now, child,
if you want to see me.