Zev Torres’ most recent chapbook, “In Celebration of Hope and Change,” was published in January. A revised version of Zev’s first chapbook, “The Beginning of Time” will be published in the Spring. In addition, Zev will be releasing a full length collection of poetry and a collection of short fiction later in 2009. In addition to being the featured reader at numerous venues through New York City (including Otto’s Shrunken Head), Zev has also performed his poetry at the JVC Jazz Festival and the Make Music New York Festival.

A Speck

Now. At
Once. Without
Hesitation or
Delay. This
Instant this
Second. Right
Here. No where
Else. This
Place this
Spot. Neither
Inside nor
Out. Just here.
As we
Speak and
Listen on this
Speck floating
Overjoyed or
Uncertain partly
Both. Maybe
Aroused yet
Guarded. To
Defend or
Embrace. A
Flash a
Word cut
Short an
Carving up the
Sky like
Razor sharp
Shh. Look.
Right here. Now. At
Once. Look. All is
Well and